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Our Promise to You

Alliance for Children has been offering adoption services for over forty years. Our dedicated staff is committed to providing you with the care, support and expertise you deserve.

Our confidential services are provided at no cost to you. Services include: counseling, financial support, housing, matching with pre-screened adoptive families, hospital planning and legal services. We are available during your pregnancy or even after you have delivered, 24/7.

Alliance for Children’s promise to you …

  • Counseling - We offer caring and professional counseling and educational services so that you can make an informed decision.
  • Financial Assistance - Our birth parent counselor will discuss your needs with you and help create a budget to assist with pregnancy-related expenses, if necessary (such as housing, utilities, transportation, food and maternity clothes).
  • Medical Coverage Assistance - We will review your existing medical coverage, if any.  If you do not have medical coverage, we can help you apply for medical coverage.
  • Personalized Adoption Planning – We will help you create an adoption plan designed to meet your wishes. Are you interested in an open adoption, semi-open or confidential adoption?  Let’s discuss!
  • Matching Services with Hopeful Adoptive Families – We will ask you your preferences in an adoptive family and help you select a loving adoptive family for your child.
  • Hospital Planning – We will review your wishes at the hospital and serve as your advocate with the hospital to ensure that you are comfortable during your hospital stay.
  • Adoption Process Support and Legal Services - We will explain all the necessary adoption documents with you and have adoption attorneys available to explain the law and your legal rights.
  • Our Services are Confidential and No Cost to You– Alliance for Children is a not-for-profit adoption agency that specializes in helping pregnant women considering adoption.  Our services are offered to you at no cost to you, and your information is kept private.
  • We are here to help, 24/7 – Our professional staff is available to help you both during pregnancy and after you have delivered your child, 24/7.

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