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Getting Started

Are you considering adoption and ready to take the next step?  Alliance for Children’s caring, professional staff is here to help, 24/7. Let’s walk down this path together.

What is the next step?

  1.  Reach out to Alliance for Children.  Our birth parent counselors are waiting to hear from you.  Learn about your options and find solutions.  Call and ask our birth parent counselor.  Phone: 806.201.0200 Text : 908.798.3397
  2.  Create a personalized adoption plan. Your birth parent counselor will offer support as you consider the type of adoption that interests you and the amount of contact, if any, you desire with the child and adoptive family during pregnancy and after the adoption is complete.  We will review your financial needs and medical coverage.
  3.  Select an adoptive family. Review profiles of waiting adoptive parents with your counselor and find the best match for you.
  4.  Create a hospital plan.  Together, we will make a birth plan reflecting your wishes at the time of delivery and during your hospital stay.  We will alert the hospital staff and the adoptive family.
  5.  Adoption paperwork. We will explain all necessary adoption paperwork and offer legal counsel at no cost to you.
  6.  Move forward with life plans. Our staff is available to offer resources as you move forward with positive life plans. We may also serve as an intermediary with any ongoing contact arrangements agreed upon with your adoptive family.

Meet Our Families

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