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Common Questions of Birth Parents

Birth families choose adoption for many reasons.

  • Some want their child to have a more stable or financially secure home;
  • Others don’t want education or career opportunities to be cut short by the responsibilities of raising a child; and
  • Many don’t feel ready for the lifelong commitments of parenting.

For any reason, a thoughtful decision made with care will be a right one.  Let us answer your questions about adoption so you can decide whether adoption is right for you and your child.

"How do I know if adoption is the right decision for my child?" "How do I put my baby up for adoption?"

These are the two most common questions we receive from birth parents facing an unplanned pregnancy. We can provide you with counseling and assistance to help you evaluate your options. The first step is to consider:

  • What are the pros and cons of parenting or adoption?
  • Are you prepared to parent a child for the next 18 years?
  • What resources are available to you if you choose to raise the child yourself?

Our professional staff is happy to address your feelings, concerns, and questions anytime and will help you with every step of creating an adoption plan should you choose adoption.

"How do I know my child will be placed in a loving home?"

Alliance for Children’s waiting adoptive families are closely screened and approved to adopt after completing home visits, state clearances, FBI checks, letters of reference, physician screening, proof of financial stability, adoption educational training and more.  Approval to adopt is given only after the adoptive family demonstrates that a child would be raised in a safe, loving and financially secure home.

“Will my child will end up in foster care?”

Alliance for Children is a private child placement agency with state licensure.  Birth parents who are unable to parent may choose adoption through our agency so they can play a role in selecting a family outside of the foster care system.  Most adoptive families will accept a child into their care directly after hospital discharge.  

"Can I choose which family will adopt my baby?"

Absolutely. You are encouraged to participate in the selection of an adoptive family.  It is our hope that this will instill greater confidence that your adoption plan is the best choice for you and your child. Click Here to view some of our waiting families and call/text us for more information.  

"Will I have to go to court?" "And will I have to pay for an attorney?"

Adoption counseling and legal paperwork are often completed outside of court in a comfortable, private location.  Legal services are available to you by a reputable attorney at no cost to you.

"Can I make an adoption plan after the baby is born?"

Yes.  Alliance for Children here to assist you during your pregnancy and even after the baby is born.  We specialize in late term adoption planning and receive phone calls from birth mothers while at the hospital in labor.  We understand and are here to help.

"Okay, you have answered my questions, what is my next step to make an adoption plan?”

Whether you are pregnant or have just delivered your baby, the next step is to contact us.  Our professional staff is here to offer support and help you get started, 24/7.  If you are not ready to talk, read on to learn more about making an adoption plan with Alliance for Children.  

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