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Waiting Children

Liam in Taiwan

Liam is an active, energetic 6-year-old boy who has been in the same foster home since birth. He is in the first grade, and although he had earlier delays, he is on grade level at this point. He is happy to go to school, interacts well with other children and has special friends there. His teacher wrote that he is a happy, willing to serve, generous child but also added that he has a tendency to lose focus.

His foster mother says that he is emotionally stable and is a gentle soul.  He does well in his foster family, where he likes to play with his younger foster brother.

Liam is an active little boy who enjoys cars and trucks, crafts such as Kinetic Sand, and has a 6-year-old sense of humor.

For more information about Liam, please contact Vivian Cone at or by calling (781) 444-7148.


Gosho in Bulgaria

Meet Gosho, a waiting child in Bulgaria who just turned 4. Gosho is doing well overall but is lagging in his physical development due to Spinal Muscle Atrophy, Type II. He has decreased muscle tone in his lower limbs. 

Despite his physical delays, Gosho sits up on his own, helps himself move around by using his arms, has great fine motor skills when he plays with toys or draws, and is overall a calm child. He says words and small sentences and knows to wave "hello" and "goodbye." He has a good vocabulary and likes to sing songs. He tries to feed himself, and he sleeps well. 

Gosho is social and inquisitive, and he likes to explore his surroundings. He understands logic and follows instructions at a level appropriate to his age. 

Gosho interacts well with adults and is calm among his peers. He likes playing with toys and playing ball games. He works with a speech therapist and a psychologist every day.

Please contact Abby Schneider at for more information about Gosho.

Daniela in Bulgaria

Daniela is a good hearted, sociable girl from Bulgaria who likes to draw, do puzzles, and play computer games. 

Doctors have diagnosed Daniela with cerebral palsy, left-side spastic hemiparesis, epilepsy, and mild mental retardation.

She is a lively and cheerful child with an interest in games and activities. She is in 4th grade at a mainstream school. Daniela has some difficulties walking due to cerebral palsy, but she is very capable of feeding and dressing herself despite her physical challenges.

She works individually with a resource teacher and a speech therapist, and she wears orthopaedic shoes. 

Daniela speaks well, communicates successfully with with adults and peers, and takes part in group games and activities. 

Please contact Abby Schneider at for more information about Daniela.

Stefan in Bulgaria

Stefan is 12 years old and in good health. He is physically and intellectually on track for his age. Stefan has mild ADD and is best behaved during activities that he is interested in. He likes participating in collective games and sports.

Please contact Abby Schneider at for more information about Stefan.

Huong Thi in Vietnam

Huong is a waiting child in Vietnam. She just turned 13 this summer and she is HIV-positive. Please contact us for more information about Huong!

Hien Ngocin Vietnam

Hien is a waiting child in Vietnam. She is a 12 year old girl who is HIV positive. Please contact us for more information about Hien!

Ngoc Bao in Vietnam

Ngoc is a waiting child in Vietnam. She is a 12-year old girl who is HIV-positive. Please contact us for more information about Ngoc!

Sevdjan, Hristina, and Bayryam in Bulgaria

Sevdjan (F,9), Hristina (F,5), and Bayryam (M,3), are a waiting sibling group in Bulgaria. Both girls are in good mental and physical health. Their little brother has neuro-psychological developmental delays although there is no diagnosed condition. Please contact Abby at for more information about this adorable sibling group!