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Colombia Adoption Program

The Republic of Colombia is situated at the junction of Central and South America, just south of Panama. It borders Ecuador, Venezuela, Brazil and Peru. Bogota, the capital, is located in the center of the country. There are many landscapes in Colombia including jungles, plains, coastlines, islands, and mountains.

Colombia's fertile soil is perfect for growing coffee, the country's primary export crop. Oil, natural gas, iron ore, bananas and sugarcane are also important to Colombia's economy. Some of Colombia's major challenges include natural disasters such as volcanoes and earthquakes as well as issues created by man, such as air pollution and deforestation.

Colombia is home to over 40 million people, with 7 million residing in Bogota alone. While there are a wide variety of ethnicities represented, most of Colombia's people share the Spanish language and the Roman Catholic faith. Christmas in Colombia is celebrated with great fanfare and lasts for weeks.

In Colombia the main meal is eaten mid-afternoon. In smaller towns, businesses often close at lunch so that families may eat together. Soup, rice, meat, beans, and salad are staples of Colombian cuisine – with coffee as the obvious beverage of choice!

  • Infants and children of all ages available.
  • Children are tested for Hepatitis B, HIV and VDRL.
  • Children are in foster care and small nurseries.
  • Colombians are encouraged to adopt.  Older children, children with special needs and sibling groups are available for adoption by families of any age.


  • To age 25-40 may apply to adopt children up to 35 months of age
  • Ages 41-45 may apply to adopt children between the ages of 36 to 59 months of age
  • Ages 46-50 may apply to adopt children between the ages of 60 to 83 months of age
  • Ages 51-54 may apply to adopt children between the ages of 84-107 months of age
  • Applicants of other nationalities may apply to adopt older children, children with special needs and sibling groups.
  • Apply to USCIS for advanced approval to be eligible to adopt.
  • Satisfy the laws of the state where you reside.
  • Complete a home study by a licensed agency.
  • Meet the eligibility requirement of the Colombian Adoption Laws and provide necessary documents to the Colombian government.
  • It takes approximately 3 months to obtain USCIS approval, complete a home study and prepare a dossier.
  • Referral is 2 years; 12 – 15 months for Colombian couples.
  • Photo and medical of child provided upon referral.
  • Travel is approximately 2 – 3 weeks after USCIS I-800 approval, which usually takes no more than two months to obtain.
  • One trip of 4 – 6 weeks required. One parent may come home after two weeks.